Try these hand crafts with Water Crystals™.

For Personal Use. Or, as a source of extra income in a business opportunity! 

Water Crystals hand crafts
  • Water Crystal Cubes. 

    Yes, they will freeze. Just like water. Color them first so you'll be able to identify them if you dare to use them in liquid. (They are non toxic, and will not harm you.)

  • Cool Pads.

    Use about a gallon of hydrated crystals and sew a 16 x 32 inch casing with 2-3 inch wide cells to contain the crystals. Use your cool pad on top of ice chests, to lay on while in the sun, or for pets. To saturate, place in a tub of cold or cool water. For information on how to make neck coolers, select this link.

  • Make An Ice Crystal Pack; or a Hot/Cold Pack.

You can wrap frozen Water Crystal cubes for first aid applications, or just for cooling.

Water Crystals are used for hot/cold wraps in sealed containers by hospitals and in sports medicine. Those containers are microwavable and freezable over and over.

If you want the homemade version, here's how:

To make your own cold pack, use a 4-mil re-sealable poly bag, and about a 3:1, or greater, ratio of rubbing alcohol to water. The alcohol will prohibit the water from freezing inside the crystals. You'll have a cool pack to pull out of your freezer that will be about the same consistency as an ice slushy from a 7-11 convenience store!

For a hot pack, you need not worry about including anything besides water. The temperature of the water that Water Crystals absorb dictates the heat contained by them. If water is a room temperature, your hot or cold pack will be at room temperature.

The best way that we have found to warm up a container of Water Crystals—in either a fabric or poly bag—is to heat it in a microwave oven.

All microwave ovens vary, so we will not recommend a time.

Instead, you should test the heat by warming for a short period, say, 10-15 seconds; then, adjust heating time accordingly.

If the pad gets too hot to touch, wrap a layer of cloth around them—a hand towel or wash cloth.

(Almost) never water your houseplants plants again!

Start with seeds or cuttings or transplant your plant to grow in Water Crystals. Add a little fertilizer or liquid minerals (we have some), and watch your plant thrive as feeder roots penetrate the clear (or colored) water crystals. Use colored crystals in water gardens for added style. Use your hydrated crystal planter or vase to extend the live of cut flowers!  For more information, click here.

  • Use Your Imagination for New Hand Crafts.

    People are intrigued with Water Crystals. You will be, too.

    Use Water Crystals to create your own crafts for selling at craft shows or craft consignment stores.  Crafts possibilities are endless!  Try them for use in or water gardens. If you come up with a clever crafts idea, send an email, and we'll post it on our web site and credit you for the submission.

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Handy Craft Ideas:

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Cool wraps for yourself and your pets

Hand crafts and home decorating

Growing plants without soil

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